Shiloh Dynasty Chill Mix

Some of my favourite songs with Shiloh Dynasty.
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Listen and enjoy yourself with her incredible voice.

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Song List
0:01 — is it too much to ask for.
1:45 — im drunk and confused.
3:14 — not even her.
5:11 — ure mine.
7:06 — imagination.
9:35 — ill bite your soul.
11:40 — tell me why im waiting.
13:43 — ill keep you safe.
15:10 — losing interest.

Shiloh Dynasty [1 hour mix]

Shiloh Dynasty Mix — 1 hour [chill / lofi hip hop]
In this 1 hour shiloh dynast mix we have the best Shiloh Dynasty songs ever to be released, we hope you relax and like this shiloh / lofi hip hop mix.

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RIP XXXTENTACION || MEMORIES (prod. ocean) (tribute)

My mix / remix of some of xxxtentacions hits as something to give back, i hope somewhere he can see/hear this and all the other positive thoughts and actions that he inspired. RIP

ART CREDIT: @xneoki (instagram)

THIS VIDEO IS UNMONETIZED, if you want to rap over it feel free just remember to credit me so others can find it (download on soundcloud: )

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